Water, water, just ordinary water. Water and accessibility to it is what gives Motala such a personal touch: Lake Vättern, Motala Ström, and the Göta Canal, which runs right through town. Several Museums are located in Motala: The Museum of Canal,Motala Motor Museum, Motala Fire fighting Museum and the Rundradio Museum, and at Charlottenborg's Castle from the 1600's you can , among many other things, see Sophia Isbergs unique wood carvings.
Gamalt house built in Russian style with onion dome. Alley named after Radio and TV factory Luxor's creator.
Motala market. Flower decor on the lamppost. At Motala River has found appliances and skeletal remains in abnormally well-preserved condition. Channel Earth was used during the part of the Old Stone Age called the Mesolithic (from Greek mesos, middle and lithos, stone). When was the area around the River Motala an almost ideal place to settle. Something agriculture did not occur without people living from fishing, hunting and gathering.
In 1618 the church received a pulpit.
During the 1670s taken a number of changes. 1681), the church was replaced with a new chancel, which opened 1674.År 1761 seem to have decided on a new building of the church and in 1771 work began Year 1952-1953 was restored Church. Between the chancel and nave erected a masonry arch, corresponding to older times triumphal arch. The roof was clad with copper sheeting and the tower got a sleeker design and simultaneously became 17 meters higher than the 1800s.
National poet Verner von Heidenstams (1859-1940) last home with expansive views of the lake. The house is preserved as if he had just left it. Views of the house takes place every hour during the summer season. The guides will also talk about Heidenstams life and work.
From the national poet Verner von Heidenstams residence overlooks Norra Vättern Motala City Park close to the waterfront.
Motala City Park. "Farfarsstugan" Grandfather cottage on Övralid.
We also serve food, waffles, sandwiches and have full rights.

Autumn picture on the hill west Motala. Treat yourself to a visit to Sweden’s oldest spa village that dates back to 1678. Medevi Brunn is a calming oasis where the houses and buildings, many from the 17th and 18th
Canal Ship Diana in the Motala harbor.  
The new bridge "Motala Bron" Several surf clubs are active around the beach when Vättern often provide good winds for those who are interested in wind and kite surfing. It is also possible to rent a kayak from a kayak center (Vättern kayak).
Vättern lake approach to the harbour and Göta Canal  
The market place. SIGN the GUEST BOOK
The restaurants, pubs and cafes are to be found in Varamon and in the centre of town. Folkparkens restaurant is one of the most popular venue for top dance bands and entertainers the year round in Varamon.