Medevi Brunn
A perfect place to experience Swedish summer
Treat yourself to a visit to Sweden’s oldest spa village that dates back to 1678. Medevi Brunn is a calming oasis where the houses and buildings, many from the 16th and 17th centuries, lie nestled amongst leafy trees and green parkland.

Walk down to the old well and taste the water that is renowned for its healing qualities. Relax with a cup of tea under the trees in the park to the tunes of Medevi’s own brass orchestra – the Medevi Brunnsorkester. Visit the spa church, play a game at the old skittle-alley or explore the ecological skincare products for sale at the shop.
In the year 1674, Medevi was acquired by Gustaf Soop, who was a relative to the Swedish Saint Birgitta. Gustaf Soop had heard of the well, witch had been in use since the Middle Ages
"Should you be suffering from aching legs.infertility, a troubled mind or physical ailments, do not fail to visit Medevi."
The Medevi Spa Church.
Guided tours through the Medevi Brunn including a visit to the ancient Pharmacy, promenade through the wonderful park and viewing original furniture from the 19th century.
Today you can stay in the old houses for vacation etc. Tennis court and miniature golf. Hunting and fishing. Bathing beach and landing-stage at lake Vättern. Rambler routes.
Hotel room in delightful old buildings 40 beds. Conference rooms.Restaurant with delicious courses. Spa-lounges with space for 200 guests. Hostel in the summertime.

Summer season 2014
June 20th to August 10th
The hotel rooms are housed in several different buildings – the oldest dating back to the 1600s – and each room has its own special charm. The rooms are furnished with antiquarian furniture that lends a sense of being transported through time.


The Spa Inn offers delicious food in a wide range of categories – from traditional Swedish fare to fine festive dining. The outdoor café Schweizeriet, in the spa park, offers tea, coffee, wine, beer and lighter snacks alongside the concerts by the spa orchestra.