The world's biggest cycle race. Around Lake vättern and covers all of 300 kilometres.The race is part of the Swedish Classic and the Scandinavia Race
Because Vätternrundan is a recreational ride, no winners are listed.
The cyclists wear a computer chip registers their times.

Sten-Otto Liljedahl professor and medical sports advisor tested some ideas he had about relationship between hard training and need for food and water. 1965 together with Ewert Rydell from Motala they set off on severale rides around the Lake. Things they learned about long distance cycling are still used today.
The first official Vätternrundan was Friday the 17th of June 1966.
Första loppet arrangerades 1966 då 334 personer fullföljde rundan. Initiativtagare var professor Sten-Otto Liljedahl och cykelhandlaren Ewert Rydell, båda från Motala. Det finns i dag ett fåtal (3st 2015) cyklister som kört varje lopp sedan dess. De kallas pionjärer och åtnjuter en speciell respekt.

Halvvättern a 150 km long ride, starts and finish in Motala. Follows lake Vättern southward, after that turn north east to Skänninge and then to Motala. The ride goes through a beautiful landscape. 15 years old or older can participate the ride.
Every who complete the course receive a medal.
Finishing under 5 hours for men 6 hours women will receive an plaque.
Halvvättern a recreational ride, no winners listed. cyclists wear a computer that registers individual times. Times can be seen under Results. Everyone can check the time they started, when they passed check points and the time they arrived the finish in Motala.

For 50 years Motala been the start and finish of the cycling, the world's biggest races on the bike. Through the years the arrangement has been extended with Mini Vättern, Tjejvättern and Halvvättern, and 2015 was the Motala also host the Triathlon World Cup in long distance. 

Tjejvättern 100 km
Tjejvättern is the largest recreational bike ride in Scandinavia, women only.


With about 50 km of bicycle paths. However Vätterrundan is the biggest reason Motala is known as a bicycle town.



Number of inhabitants:about 43,000. Distance from Stockholm 245 km,rom Gotenburg 276 km from Helsingborg 337.


Vätternrundan 2015

Efter målgång Fem foton.



Vätternrundan 300 km

Vasatrampet cyckelopp med målgång i Mora